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I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. [Butcher Entry 001]   
09:20pm 12/04/2005
mood: Pimpin'
Yeah, I gots problems, but bitches? Nah. I can have any one o' dem, be dey from the ghetto of Konoha, Sunagakure or any other of dem villages. I'm pimpin', yo! Y'hear me?

Now, o' course, da Snoop Weazel don't need ta think 'bout it, but if youse all wants to see and be all envious of mah bitches, da Snoop Weazel will tell youse each o' his bitches 'cause he's juz dat lovin', ya hear?

Bitchz No. 1&2: Kei and Ino. Yeah, dese girls got it goin' on: dey's hott. Youse knows you want dere asses, but youse knows that their asses are for da Snoop Weazel, so youse might as well just go join Otogakure 'cuz dem men don't like no bitchez.

Yea. dat's right, I gots two of 'em who want the top spot. Without even lifting mah finger, ya know! Take that Ji-Diddy: youse knows youse can't beat da Snoop Weazel, so youse decided to go for dem guys. Aight, is cool. Da only Uchiha you be getting be da worthless tagalong, whoze also given up in light of seein' how pimpin' ah am. Dat's it wommen, come to da Snoop Weazel for sum lovin'. Ya know you want to.

Bitch No 3: (Yo, yo, for da next time! Be watchin' youse backs and Anko - wtf am I tinkin? Hellz no! Kurenai. Shez gonna be mine, yo.)

Da Snoop Weazel

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01:21pm 11/11/2004
mood: Pissed Off
It has taken me a while to regain the strength that I have lost on this still frustrating assignment. What should have been a simple snap of a neck has become a fight against half of Konohagakure. What nonsense is this? After they oppress the boy for years, they suddenly decide that when another organization can offer his talents more of a use it’s in their favor to keep him? Rubbish.

Either way, I should have known better than to use Mangekyou twice. Though the look on Sasuke’s face was worth it It takes a constant stream of chakra to maintain it all the time to begin with, something the Copy Ninja might be able to tell you if he were still conscious. Kisame has his Samehade; I have my Sharingan. It’s not like I didn’t have any chakra left after the second Mangekyou but fighting a Sannin in a disadvantageous state is not to my liking. That old man looks innocuous in his ridiculous getup and his prattling on about how the decoy might have been married makes him seem a bit senile, but he was is a Sannin. We need to plan our course of action around him better if Konoha has called him out of hiding to protect the Kyuubi.

Though I wonder if it was Konoha’s doing at all. After I effectively disposed of my brother (that move, Chidori, could have been useful, but as usual, ototo-kun managed to ruin a completely effective technique. He shouldn’t have used it without the Taijutsu to back it up. Hopefully his pain, both physical and mental, will reinforce this lesson.), it looked like we were in the clear. We turned our attention then to the blonde gaki. It was clearly the right kid – his chakra levels were through the roof – but Samehade was like a damp cloth to his flame. Things were looking up. Sasuke was whimpering in pain, the Kyuubi was ours and my hair was in place for the grand finale it looked like another mission complete rah rah Uchiha-Kisame…

But then, out of nowhere and atop a frog. (Who sits on frogs? Honestly…) comes Jiraiya-san, with the decoy slung over his shoulder like a potato sack. If he treats women like that, it’s no wonder that he’s never gotten any. So what if she’s got a ring? It’s not an opportunity that would present itself to him again. And to tell the truth, if she was going to Jiraiya-san over her supposed husband, her husband must have something direly wrong with him. Of course, there was a bit of an obligatory battle. I knew I was at a slight disadvantage, and he knew it. I felt that it would be prudent to withdraw from the battle when he decided to relocate us into a frog’s stomach. This man needs help. How does he expect to woo women if he knocks them out and then summons the insides of a frog’s stomach? Of course, this wasn’t a match for my black flame. Although the stomach-summons was irritating, it wasn’t of any lofty caliber and was easy to break.

Having to leave an opponent behind alive irks me beyond any of the attacks he threw at us, though. Even more bothersome was having Kisame doubletalk me when he saw Sasuke-kun. It's not like I knew the boy was idiotic enough to get involved in this when he's still a genin I suppose it was this comment that might have pushed me into performing the Mangekyou upon Sasuke, the annoying little mistake he is. But I have my reasons for my actions. I will not be judged by those unknowing of my thoughts and I will not lose control again. It has cost me direly today and I am disturbed that I am able to be so irritable.

The most disturbing part was not the stomach of the frog though I did regret having worn sandals today but that Jiraiya-san knew so much of our organization. Akatsuki’s going up in the world. Recognition is nice and all, but knowing this man, he’s probably told every shinobi from here to Kirigakure. This will need to be discussed with the others…But for now…we need to find some consolatory dango…

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08:48pm 27/10/2004
  After the humilating lack of protocol less than optimal battle on the outskirts of Konohagakure, Hoshigaki and I kept a close eye on the gate of the village. More like I looked at the guard for a few moments and convinced him that should a small blond, overly energetic genin be leaving, it would be in his best interest to inform Sushigaki and I as we had our midday meal - an oddly fresh piece of meat for Sushigaki (I don't want to know) and some dango that I managed to swipe from the tea shop without paying for. One of the many perks of being an S-class criminal is that we get to eat and run

Sure enough, we soon heard news of our package leaving Konoha in the care of one Sannin. We were disinclined to believe that any of the Sannin were still in Konoha, but when we located the duo, we were treated to a loud proclamation of his accomplishments. His loud mouth would make me doubt his being even a Genin if it weren't for his telltale lack of style in hair, clothes or makeup. Hoshigaki seemed a bit wary of tackling this new enemy. What happened to 'splitting a few heads'? There's no need for worry, however. There's more than one way to cook frog legs...

(On a random sidenote, I keep feeling this urge to sneeze. It's lucky that I learned to supress these tingling sensations long ago, else I'd made for a poor ninja indeed. I wonder why the sudden resurgance in my desire to sneeze though...)

We followed the kid and Jiraiya-san to what will be their final resting place, Otafuku City. Jiraiya-san seemed to know his way around the more shady districts. Leaving my partner for a moment, I wasted no time in weaving a little bit of genjutsu around a suitable distraction. Every man has his weakness, and she, the unlucky thing, will be Jiraiya-san's.

Hoshigaki and I watched from a suitable distance as Jiraiya-san took the dangling dango. From the look on Hoshigaki's face, I worried that the dango would soon become calamari stips. A stern look was enough, though. We then allowed the package suitable time to meander up to his room before following him up. Being the polite houseguests that Akatsuki is, we knocked and waited.

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11:26pm 20/10/2004
  Our venture into Konoha went less subtly than I would have preferred. It would seem that although Konohagakure has suffered at the hands of Orochimaru, they still have time to waste on things that they should just look away from. S-class Missing Nin eating dango? Just turn around and walk away slowly… I was less than pleased at being disturbed. Possibly the only redeeming characteristic of Konoha is its dango, not that Sushigaki appreciates that. Go for sushi indeed...

At the start, it was going suitably well. It didn’t take much to persuade the chuunin at the gate to take a well deserved break. He should have just kept his mouth shut. An old man chuunin like that should have known better than to question our actions. Hoshigaki seemed to be in a bit of a frenzy. Perhaps he smelled the blood to come, or perhaps the morning mist just reminded him of the “good ol’ days back in Hirigakure.”

Konoha seems to be in the midst of rebuilding. They have always been slow to learn, so it does not strike me as surprise that they do not yet realize that their village is outdated. They seem to even use eagles as messengers still. Even I, Itachi, cannot fathom how they manage to stay afloat, much less how they plan to dig themselves out of their current hole. They don’t even have the Uchiha to fall back upon….

That’s odd; I almost wanted to sneeze just now…

We made it to the dango shop, which, although I didn’t mention it to Hoshigaki, is often frequented by the ninja of the village. If nothing else, it would prove to be a good starting place to locate the package. Unfortunately, I seemed to have underestimated the ‘Copy Ninja,’ as he found a nice roosting spot outside the shop only moments after we arrived. He seems not to want to start anything quite yet though, which is preferable to me.

Soon after, Kurenai-san and Asuma-san strolled up to Hatake-san. They started babbling, but Hatake-san seemed to have chosen to mention Sasuke’s name purposefully. Does he think me so shallow? Even my self-control couldn’t stop my finger from twitching in annoyance. This ninja who relies solely on kekkai genkai that he can’t even control properly would think to analyze me, one who has mastered the Sharingan? This pathetic lapdog of Konoha should scamper away with his tail between his legs. He has made a fine mess of things, though. I don’t have the time to bother with Sasuke today. He will never really become a threat to me, but a nuisance, he will always be. Hoshigaki and I took our cue to exit, though it was vexing to be played by a scarecrow.

We figured it would be best to keep a low profile until we could determine the exact location of the container. If nothing else, it would be easier to hide bodies if there weren’t witnesses around to raise a ruckus. We decided to stroll along one of Konoha’s surrounding canals, as not many people frequent these paths. It seems, however, that Kurenai-san and Asuma-san have realized this as well, though they seem not to have recognized my profile. As Hoshigaki and I weren’t looking for a fight, I spoke to them respectfully.

They, like their beloved village, seem to have forgotten what true ninja look like. In deference to their poor memory, I simply removed my hat and began to unbuckle my cloak. I doubt they will let us pass with just a simple greeting. Of course, Hoshigaki cannot let this pass without comment. I’m going to attribute his inability to keep his lips sealed to the fact that fish lack lips....

Hoshigaki seemed quite pleased at Kurenai-san’s introduction; they’ve both become presumptuous in the years that have passed. They would do well to remember the facts that they seem to have committed to heart before opening their mouths. Being diplomatic would be preferable, however. This is a quick mission; I would like to avoid unnecessary killing. Hoshigaki has run out of patience; it was only a matter of time. Kurenai-san and Asuma-san should have taken their chance to escape; it’s unavoidable now. Perhaps this will satisfy Hoshigaki for a while. He’s talking about ‘knocking some heads together,’ this is his chance to do it.

I left Hoshigaki to deal with Asuma-san; my partner seems to be showing some out of characteristic forethought in using Samehada. Not that it makes me like that possessed sword any more... Kurenai-san, though she knows her facts, is sorely lacking in experience. Genjustu? I let her continue, though. It’s more satisfying to break them when they think they’ve won. Trapped in her own tree. I would give her a quick death, at least. It would be better for the both of us.

A bit of jounin thought showed up when she managed to break her own genjutsu. She dodged my slice, but she lacks sufficient taijutsu to hold her own in a close range battle. A small kick sent her flying into the canal; I’d thought she’d be better at countering it. I moved behind her within moments, however, ready to end it, when I felt another chakra approach at high speed: Hatake Kakashi. Kakashi shows his potential as a nuisance, both in distracting me and nullifying Hoshigaki’s attack. This battle is getting to be ridiculous.

It will end now; perhaps, in his remaining moments, Kakashi-san will be privileged enough to see what the Sharingan can really do.

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08:40pm 04/10/2004
mood: contemplative
While I will be the first to say that Konohagakure is a weak and backward place with little future, I find it hard to believe that they were caught this unawares of this high profile an enemy. Akatsuki has been sensitive of Orochimaru’s plot, but the fact that Konohagakure has been this fragile all along makes even me question the necessity of stealth. It would appear that even Hoshigaki and I could have simply walked into the village, asked for directions to the Kyuubi Kid and we would have been done with this annoyance of a mission long ago. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a worthy enemy, but that doesn’t mean I’m averse to a little bit of sport with weaklings. Ninja couples are the most fun; they’re so easy to manipulate into killing each other that all one really needs is a comfortable seat, some popcorn and a bit of chewing-gum-less floor to enjoy it…

…I sound like Sushigaki. Spending this much time with him has been eating away not only at my patience, but apparently at my self-control as well. I wonder if it’s the fault of that sword of his. On a quiet night, I sometimes feel it trying to draw chakra out of me. Its a few years too early to think that it can overcome my chakra control. Mastering the sharingan just can’t be done if there’s a chance you’ll slip and have only one eye activate. Though, I wonder what Sushigaki feeds that damn thing. It seems to have a mind of its own, and it certainly doesn’t seem up for a late night bowl of ramen. I don’t know why he puts up with a temperamental weapon; perhaps for the same reason that I put up with him. He is rather restless and quite the chatterbox when given the opportunity. You toss him a small line and he’ll grab on so fast that you’ll be viciously yanked into the water. Where he’ll promptly attempt to eat you

We did make our way into the village to look firsthand at the results of Orochimaru’s attack. No matter what Sushigaki might think about his Shogi partners, intelligence gleaned from men who can’t remember whether or not they already moved a piece is not reliable. Just like winning against them is no big accomplishment, so he can feel free to stop that little tally of his “winning streak” anytime... Seeing the village that was once my home did little to me but seeing them attempting to get back onto their feet made me wonder if instead of ‘Hidden Village of the Leaf” they should rename themselves “Hidden Village of the Weeds Who Don’t Know When to Quit.” Security seems to be lax, if present at all. There are many bodies around, and I sense that Hoshigaki wouldn’t mind a fight or two. We’d best pick up the package and leave before he causes any more trouble. Maybe I should just let him clean up after Orochimaru. It seems that my little brother has suffered another humiliating defeat. Perhaps it was a mistake to have let him live…

I seem to be overestimating many things in this village. There is only one thing left for me in the village. Should I be disappointed again, I will know not what to do. Though it seems Hidden Leaf seems to be reaching it’s autumn, it would be worth the effort to see if their tea and dango still remain at their peak. That ought to show Sushigaki what proper food befitting of an Uchiha tastes like. Eating fish is not dignified. And it’s bad for my hair.

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Notice in OOC....   
02:09pm 12/09/2004
mood: cheerful
For the viewers of this Live Journal who haven't kept up with the happenings on NarutoRP, I'd like to take this moment to introduce myself as the new RP player for Uchiha Itachi due to the previous player's resignation. (Sushigaki Hoshigaki is being RPed by another player)

I hope you'll be easy on me as I start to pick up on how to work these journals and groups and I hope that my take on Itachi is adequate in hate, haughtiness and humor. Please feel free to toss me a kunai or two of opinions and advice once in a while!

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01:05am 30/05/2004
mood: blank
We made it to a village after our travels. Two more villages or so... and we should reach our destination.

Though I wanted to bypass it, Kisame insisted.

So we entered the busy village silently. The crowd was noisy, and the market ranked with quite an odor. We did not speak though I can almost hear Kisame's excitment as he swallowed his own glee.

"No, Kisame." I said, with a small sigh.


"Annhilation of rows of villages would make the village of our destination take precaution." I said promply.

"Hai hai. Not here, and not tonight. Sheesh. And my blood was starting to boil too. All that excitment for nothing." Kisame sighed. "You'll have to treat me, Itachi-san. You got me all worked up for nothing."

I thought about it for awhile and agreed. "Fine. What would you like?"

Kisame grinned with glee. It was a bit disturbing to see such a display of so many teeths at once.

"Dango! And Tea!"

Whoever heard of a shark who has sweet tooth anyway...

So we entered a shop. I started to sip my tea when I heard a pig's squeals.

I looked up and my bell tingled. Kisame looked with the corner of his eye.

We saw a young girl with short black hair, try to calm her pet pig. It was a bit loud and annoying.

Kisame sighed. "Not again. Why are we always interrputed whenever I decide to do anything fun."

And we left.

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01:18am 25/05/2004
mood: complacent
Kisame is an unusal partner... He's a bit too talkative for my taste... but quite polite guy. Pretty obedient. Someone I did not expect from his appearances.

I suppose he's feeling around his waters for what he can do and what he can not do in front of me.

The village Shikogi isn't too far. But walking in the forest can be quiet boring. There aren't very encounters with many bandits or rurouni since the times have become too peaceful. Though I dislike displaying useless energy, so I let Kisame handle all the bloodshed. It seems he actually enjoys the smell of blood. He carefully aims to make sure he can spill the maximum blood each time he shaves skins off the humans.

How quaint.

His fighting style definetly is unique. The more I watch him, the more i realize he'd be a good partner.

He first makes sure the other person can't use any jutsu by sucking their chakra. And then when they are stunned, he gives him a mortal wound, yet make sure they still can breath and feel the pain as he saws off the bones.

I do think he is amused by their screams.

Ah. There he goes again. Making them scream until they cough up blood.

"Itachi-san" He called out to me.

I looked up to meet his gaze.

"Have you ever had human flesh stew? It's quite decent." He grinned at me.

I looked up and saw that the pale moon was still not full. It's cresant light seemed to weak to light this gory scenery.



"You can do whatever you please... Just don't get any of the blood on me."

"Hai, Itachi-san." And he grinned back.

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12:45am 24/05/2004
mood: content
The meeting finally finished. I have a headache from it. I did not expect it to be so long.

We have decided that because of the Orochimaru incident, working solo will create a problem for the organization. Akatsuki members all agreed that we will banish all solo operations, and we all must be paired up.

My partner for my newest mission is Hoshigaki Kisame.

Though we can change partners each time our mission changes, I think it's a bit of a hassel. Besides, with my genjutsu and ninjutsu, I wouldn't mind having along someone who's much stronger in taijutsu.

And our latest mission, we are to annhilate the village of Shikogi. They have been secretly building a weapon there, and we decided, we want to know what it is and take it if it's useful to us. And kill all who are witnesses of course.

Normally, I wouldn't care for such missions but Kisame wanted it. I guess he is a bloodthirsty type. I never knew him closely to care. But since he is my partner and he wished that mission to be his, I said i'll follow along.

I want to test how strong my new partner is anyway...

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12:47am 23/05/2004
mood: content
OOC: For those who keeps up with this LJ without the whole RP:

The narutorp has restarted. We are now dating back to "BEFORE CHUUNIN EXAM"

That means, Uchiha Itachi and Kisame are going to be doing some random things until we GET to the part where they are assigned to kidnap Naruto.

That means, no one will be able to comment IC for these entries. I would like to ask that I do get some OOC comments freely, don't be shy to say you like the entry OR that you hate it XDD

Oh and, I do welcome all RP comments from NON-RPers. Such as, Erin can come in as some random villager trying to sell dango to Itachi and Kisame while they are in some village. I don't mind random interactions. Or Temari, without knowing who Itachi is, can run into him. ^^

That being said, please enjoy my entries, Thank you ^^


Spring has come. It was nice to smell sakura compared to the wet wood of the cabin as snow melted.

Akatsuki will have a meeting about the disappearnce of Orochimaru. He's left us for awhile now. Now that we have settled down some, we might tie up some loose ends and send a search party, trying to eliminate him.

I think we are split into people who are too lazy to fight him, or too blood thirsty and wants to kill him immediately...

I probably wouldn't enjoy this meeting at all.

So I leaned back and enjoyed the company of the moon tonight. The silence is always peaceful and a great listener.

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04:16pm 05/05/2004
mood: content
We've lost track of the kyuubi child. Kisame swears he was sure he was keeping track of him... but somehow we lost its trail...

It smelled like Jiraiya's doing.

We are sure he isn't in the Sand or the Konoha at the momment. We decided not to seperate but we are backtracking everywhere tediously.

We'll find him, as long as he is under the moon, he can not escape my grap.

We are slowly running out of time. Akatasuki needs him. Specifically, the kyuubi... I may be bidding my time... but... if I must use force...


The moon is clouded tonight. Too shy to look upon us. I search the clouds but I can only make out the flimy outline...

It's alright. I know the moon is there still, perhaps smiling, perhaps saddened. It's alright, tomorrow will be another night.

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Kisame desu!   
11:05pm 07/03/2004
  SOS!! SOS!!

awww desu! Itachi-san is in a bad mood desu! (I'm scared desu!) I mean it this time desu! He's got red eyes without sharingan desu! Must be the sand desu! (But if I told him that, he'd rip my head off desu! T.T)

Kisame-chan is scared desu! Itachi-san is angry at himself for getting beaten for having sand in his eyes and angry at me for losing Naruto desu! 0.0 Itachi-san is very scary when he is angry desu! Kisame-chan will not see the living daylight desu! Noo desu! Someone needs to save Same-chan desu!!


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12:11am 02/03/2004
  "Hmm i sense fourpeople." Kisame said sniffing the air. Itachi rolled his eyes.

"Five." Itachi replied calmly.

"Five?" Kisame asked.

"Five." Itachi replied.

Then Jiraiya and his four anbu team fell on them.Collapse )

Kisame decided to forget his Samehada and let it go. Gamabunta threw it far away. (NOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT AGAIN!!!! Kisame cried T.T) Kisame created a seal, "WATER DRAGON!" right in front of Gamabunta and Jiraiya who were about to face the temporarily blind Itachi.

Two huge waves of Water dragon rushed in. It quickly sweaped away Gamabunta and Jiraiya. However, the anbu team with Naruto had ran away already and were not sweaped away. Kisame jumped when the waves came crashing. He grabbed Itachi and ran.

OOC: so yes, Kisame lost his sword again so he'll have to go find it XD

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10:25pm 22/02/2004
mood: cheerful
Hello world. What a lovely day today was~~

First I must admit, having a little one around you make your heart feel lighter and happier. The poor child was scared stiff. I tried to play games so he wouldn't be scared no longer.

First he suggested we play Hide-And-Go-Seek. What a clever child!

It was a lot of fun. Since I always found him after 10 count and within 5 minutes, he realized it wasn't going to work. Especially since I usually grabbed him secretly from behind and yell "FOUND YOU" and give him a good squeeze. The child needed a hug.

When night came, he went to a corner and sulked. (I mean I did find him all the time, i'm sure he felt bad he kept losnig) So I told him I can tell him some bed time stories.

I wouldn't say they were horror stories, since they were stories about my childhood and training. We should get to know each other you know?

I think he stayed up allll night thinking about my childhood. Wasn't that so sweet of him?

ooc: LOL now that sasuke ran away, kisame's tourturing naruto

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KISAME's point of view!!   
06:20pm 21/02/2004
mood: crazy
Bah! Itachi-san is too polite in his entries. I shall spice it up by contributing it with some more interesting details.

When the little delectable woke up from his beauty sleep...Collapse )

But the puppy did want to have an exercise. He quickly did a kage-bunshin-no jutsu, creating 1,000 clones. Then he split into 1,000 different directions.

I gotta tell ya. The boy’s smart.

Itachi looked at me.

“Well, the puppy wanted a walk.” I tried to explain why I didn’t want to use my Samehada just yet.

Itachi sighed. “I’ll give you 10 minutes.” I smirked. “More then enough, Itachi-san.”

”SoCollapse )

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06:15pm 21/02/2004
  So we succesfully captured Naruto. But once he woke up, it was a bit of a problem. At first he tried to fight. I didn't want to use my shringans since I didn't want him to turn into a vegetable forever.

Kisame suggested we just chop both his arms and legs. I said no. But that seemed to calm the kid for awhile.

Problem was, we had to keep an eye on him constantly... he kept trying to figure out futile plans to escape.

Sigh... why do I have to carry this troublesome burden...

OOC: K. Naruto can write whatever he wants to, to fit the situation ^^; i'm not sure how naruto should act.

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06:52am 04/02/2004
mood: crushed

Dear Kuroishi

Ki here. Piloting Itachi 01 is tough I realized. First of all, I can not get used to the fact that I must be inside a plugsuit. A TIGHT FIT PLUGSUIT made by GAICOMPANY. What's up with these plugsuits anyway? It only has a zipper in the back and it's damn tight around...

anyway. It's also a horrible green. Other colors were pink and electric blue. I doubt I wanted those either.

Other then the plugsuit problem, I can't get used to the fact that inside the Itachi01, I have to learn how to breathe in oxyizinated milk. MILK!!! What the heck? Why milk? Itachi doesn't have breasts!

Or at least I don't think It does.


Anyways. I rather breathe water! I'm a shark!

What should I do?

In and out

- Ki.

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11:40pm 03/02/2004
mood: distressed
Dear Kuroishi:

It's your lovable shark, KI-same! (please, just call me Ki)

Well since Kuroishi-kun also have an Uchiha unit, I decided to order one for my own.

I asked for a special custom made Uchiha Unit 01 (Sasuke being 00) and got back from NURF's GainEX the Uchiha Unit 01 Itachi.

As the owner of this special unit, it came with a user-friendly instruction manual. A few rules were quite strange, such as rule #32, I must be a coward and "pull-a-shinji" in danger. or like rule #57 "Remember, use of clones are optional.

The most strangest rule as a "Beginner's guide to Piloting Uchiha" seems to be rule #99 "When all else fails, go berserk"

That's ANOTHER problem I'm having. It seems unlike Sasuke Unit 00, my unit 01 goes berserk quite often. A little tooooo often. Last time, I went out for a ride in the park and it started massacring innocent trees. TREES! Poor trees and flowers! I tried to stop it! I don't want to see the nature destroyed! But No! This evil machine wouldn't listen to me! It... It.... It ate... all those... GRASS *cries*

Because i felt horrible, I decided to mass-plant the park again. With Itachi of course. I hope I brought sanity to those ppl who saw this giant robot rip off the branches and woof down grass and the sap drool out of it's mouth like blood.

Well since I go by Ki, I thought it might be nice to nickname my unit, "IT" as well. But Itachi doesn't seem to like it much. Sigh... what should I do?

Yours Sincerely, Ki.

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01:25am 28/01/2004
mood: shocked
OMGOSH i didn't make this up! I didn't! But it's sooo fitting! I didn't expect it to be this fitting LOL

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Striding out of the steppes, cutting down all who dare stand in the way using buzzsaw hand extensions, cometh Uchiha_itachi! And he gives an ominous howl:

"I'm going to torment you beyond capacity, and then some!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys


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12:32am 27/01/2004
mood: excited

READ IT! READ IT! It's SOOO funny XD (i mean i love writing naruto funny fics, but i think this one owns all the ones I wrote so far)


And it's like less then 100 words XD

(Embed a kunai)